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Hello my name is John Cusick


Thank you for stopping by my Personal Training website. By visiting this site you have done the second best thing possible to assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals. The Site will assist you in finding out more about what Personal Training is, What its is not and most importantly what Personal Training can do for you

As I said visiting this site is the second best thing you can do to help you achieve your fitness, weight loss and health goals. The first most important thing to do is to actually take action and contact me so we can start making positive steps towards your success.



Cutting Edge Personal Training Programmes

I pride myself on making sure my Personal Training programmes are always cutting edge. Utilising the best old school techniques combined with the latest fitness research. Although your Fitness program will be individually taylored I have already transformed the bodies and lives of many others during my nine years experience in Personal Training so I have been able to create a series of tried and tested Training programmes that will ensure you.get the very best results possible from your Personal Training programme.